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Web Design – Smoke Free For Me

• vBulletin Forum (vb3) Installation, vBulletin Forum (vb3) Template Customisation, vBulletin Forum (vb3) Admin Customisation
• Mods Installation
• PHPBB3 Forum Installation, PHPBB3 Forum Template Customisation

Smoke Free For Me was a forum aimed at giving support to people quit smoking. I installed and templated vBulletin, plus spent several days installing mods. The forum was later converted to PHPBB3 and customised but later closed down completely due to inactivity.

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2 thoughts on “Web Design – Smoke Free For Me

  1. I have to say congratulations on quitting and being able to stick with it..My hubby and I have both smoked now for close to 30yrs! We talk about quitting, but I’m not able to seriously stick with it yet!

    • Thanx Stacey :) For years I never thought I could do it, and have surprised myself lol I firmly believe everyone must find the right moment for themselves to have the best chance of staying quit. The forum is for smokers who want to quit at some stage as well, a general support forum :)

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